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One the most affecting reasons why most people still don’t succeed in the journey of being successful in business and professional careers even after having gone to school, get educated with good degrees or higher qualification and even sometimes after years of real hard work. It's never the government's fault as most of us often believe, rather their selves. The quality of accumulated knowledge and how open and accessible they are to real information.

When you get fed with the wrong information you get wrong execution but when you get the right information you get right execution and become successful in the use of that information. And such information as it regards to acquiring wealth you will need the right information and knowledge about money, business and investment without which you can never make good money or as the case maybe getting enough to make you stay sufficient. Most time such knowledge are not gotten in the school nor does it come with university degree.

Though having university degree or any educational degree could be a real plus to getting access to the right information with influence and good sense of judgment at times. I do believe that one don’t necessary need government to reach the goal of fulfillment in this civilized world rather the government needs you to reach their goal of leadership realization and policy implementation. Attend any of our workshop and get real insight and we do this in three step knowledge based on Money, Business and Investment.

Learn the right unusual skills and the money will come because most times money is the reward of luck (game) or product of good skills put into work (business), and that is why our various entrepreneurship classes and the capacity building workshop is design to impact you with the right resource to power a green world of possibilities in finances we preach the need to learn before you earn. Being rich and richer as days count weeks and weeks count months is possible when you learn the right skills especially the financial intelligence that our business class offers. All we target is creating future fortunate millionaire among youth our time.


  • We believe in doing business in it call code and in a professional way. That is why we can teach you how to do business and get successful no matter the nature of the business you are set on, with our teaching you will discover a success power in any form of business you have interest in going for and the real selling point you need to make a difference and that is called business control power. This power control comes in business when you have the real understanding of business and how to unveil the secret behind the mystery of building businesses without having your finger burnt with loses and disappointment.


  • In our indoor and public seminars we discuss and talk a great deal about money, what money is, wealth creation, job creation and life enhancing thinking patterns far from what formal or class room education can install in you. Do come and learn real money code and create a new world of wealth. Attend our class and learn what all real money makers know and understand.

    Journey to the land of making money is most time rough and though at times that is why most people wouldn’t bargain if it was goods in the market place .so we do the duty of helping you understand those mistakes and how you avoid them so that your journey to the land of money making will be more smooth and less stress. When you bypass that mistake you are on the track to getting the money you want, because how much you know about money depends how much you will really make on your quest to making money and living your life of financial freedom.

    You must learn to kill the risk and take the reward if you must be that brave knight, when it comes to money making, business and investment. Join a great business school


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